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Insiders Exclusive: Another Visitor

One of these guys is coming to N.E.

<p>Finding a diamond in the rough is no easy task. That's what makes finding one so extraordinary. The Patriots seem to have a knack at uncovering these hidden gems; to find that individual who everyone else seems to have missed - the ability to find a guy like Tom Brady in the 6th-round.</p><p>According to Scout Insiders, a player like this has a private workout scheduled with New England. <A HREF="https://secure.[NETWORKDOMAIN]/store/view.aspx?s=121&p=6">Find out more.</A></p>

Insiders Exclusive: Another VisitorLooking for a diamond in the rough isn't easy.Patriots Insider StaffUrban Meyer has done for the Utah football team, what Steve Spurrier did for Florida and Kirk Firentz is doing for Iowa. He has taken a football team struggling for attention and turned it into a nationally recognized program. Last season, the Utes became the highest ranked Utah football team... Recommended Stories