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Patriots Draft: Q&A With Darnell Bing

Bing says he's ready for the NFL

Patriots Insider asked Darnell Bing a few more questions about getting prepared for the Draft including what his head coach thought about his leaving school early, what teams are talking to him, and what it meant playing in the footsteps of former Trojan safety Troy Polamalu. These answers and much more in this Insider's exclusive.

Q: What did coach Carroll say to you about coming out early?DB: He said it would be ok if I left, but that I would do a lot better if I came back for my senior season. He said he'd give me the opportunity to try some running back which might help my draft status as well.Q: Has anyone else talked to you about being a running back beside Coach Carroll or your high school coaches?DB: No, not really... Recommended Stories

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